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CV COVER women's and men's shoes

CV COVER company offers women's shoes in a wide range of sizes and designs. CV COVER's manufacturing enterprises are located in Russia and Europe. Those are the best factories with modern equipment, and the specialists who work in the factories are highly qualified. All models are thoroughly tested on ergonomics first and only after that they are put into production.

All CV COVER shoes are made of natural Italian materials, that's why we can guarantee a high quality of each pair of shoes. Suede, leather, textiles and accessories are checked for compliance with international standards that improves shoe durability and beauty. CV COVER products style and design are created by the best Italian and Russian designers.

CV COVER company produces not only fashion shoes but also a wide range of "comfort" series products, that's why CV COVER shoes are not just beautiful but also very comfortable.

There are following items in CV COVER wholesale shoes catalog:

  • shoes
  • boots
  • booties
  • high boots
  • high heel ankle boots
  • sandals
  • moccasins

Our wholesale shoes catalog offers you a variety of sizes - from large to very small. Therefore, your customers won't have any problems in choosing a suitable pair of shoes. There is also a quality guarantee given on each pair of shoes - you can be sure you offer a high quality product to your clients. Its quality will attract clients and make many of them regular customers.

All shoes models are produced in classic and fancy colors, including a variety of prints. Each pair of shoes is designed in compliance with the latest fashion trends of the year. Wholesaling products, we do everything possible to make the goods in your stores sold before the next season starts.

If your goal is to attract a potential clients to your store by selling high quality goods then pay attention to the range of shoes that CV COVER can offer. The catalog contains the latest collection, reliability and durability of which are not inferior to its aesthetic characteristics.

CV COVER men's shoes collection won't remain in stock, furthermore its quality will attract a new customers. The shoes we offer are beautiful and comfortable. The whole group of Italian and Russian designers and also the best manufacturing facilities in Russia and Europe work on the products aesthetic qualities. Modern manufacturing and advanced technologies enable us to create the finest shoes. CV COVER's quality control makes the brand shoes amazingly durable.

All CV COVER shoes are made of natural Italian materials. We use only the best suede, leather, textiles and accessories that improves shoe's durability and beauty.

Two main lines of men's shoes - classic line and comfortable line enable customers to choose the shoes for all occasions. CV COVER's classic shoes of different colors and designs look good with a business suit. And there are several types of CV COVER's "comfort" shoes:

  • light classic shoes which look good with a suit and casual clothes
  • summer shoes made of sand beige suede leather
  • colorful summer suede moccasins
  • sport shoes

All models comply with the fashion trends and are perfect for any collection of the seasons. Products wholesale is carried out directly from the company's warehouse. All the necessary information concerning shoes design, delivery methods and wholesale conditions you can find on our website or feel free to contact our managers.