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Nowadays CV COVER company is one of the world leaders in shoes manufacturing and wholesale. Created by Italian craftsmen, the brand has immediately gained international status. CV COVER production is made on the best equipment such as MOLINAEBIANCHI, CERIM, ORMAC; using the materials of the leading leather companies, trendsetters in the industry - such as LANCASTER, the best shoes outsoles companies - CASTER and others. Individual design and marketing departments, and also experience of over 5,000 people are involved in shoes production process.

We are quality fans, therefore the perfection of each pair of shoes is our priority.

Brilliant design solutions and great ideas embodied in a number of collections have brought CV COVER a worldwide recognition.

CV COVER shoes please with their elegant simplicity and style. Products appearance and ergonomic value are created by the best Italian designers, considering all features of a foot structure. We use innovations not only in shoes design but also in manufacturing materials. We use the best and high quality leather.

You can always find a pair of shoes which will match your character and temper. Shoes manufacturing is not a job but a favorite handicraft to which we dedicate a lot of time and imagination.

CV COVER shoes are always elegant: the choice of colors, the great design solution, the shape and the comfortable shoe last - every detail is important. Our designers follow the standards of an ageless classic. In the meantime they manage to save the individuality of each pair.