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SPRING-SUMMER 2012 Anniversary Collection Presentation


Dear Clients!

We cordially invite you to our anniversary shoes collection presentation SPRING-SUMMER 2012.

Women's Collection

Beautiful, feminine, fine - it's all about the shoes CV Cover, which can rightly be attributed to the works of art. Thick heels, bright colors, flowers, cork platform, gold and other key fashion trends of the season are embodied in this unique collection. Designers have taken care about the convenience of the owners of the future - has a perforated shoes, which is especially important in the summer season, and surprisingly comfortable soft insole. Original forms, dramatic accessories, unusual combinations of leather and suede - all this and much more makes the collection unique.

Men's Collection

Beauty, comfort, brutality combined with nobility leather makes this shoe a masterpiece and special insoles optimize load spine, and natural materials, allowing the skin to breathe, turn any trip into a pleasure.

That's why men choose shoes CV Cover every day.

On the creation of the Spring-Summer 2012 works of the Italian and French designers.

The new collection is characterized by a harmonious combination of quality materials and refinement of hardware.

Without a doubt, our new collection - a great touch to the completion of any way indicative of impeccable taste and love.